2007’s Top 50 Albums: #11 – Neon Bible

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    There is no question that Arcade Fire are one of the most talented bands currently out there. Their music has been described as ground breaking and life changing. But over the last year, my opinions toward them had waned. For some reason, maybe because of the magazine articles or the letdown of a live show, my feelings toward them soured and I sensed Win Butler was becoming egotistic and not at all humbled by his success. But after reading the November issue of Spin featuring Butler and Bruce Springsteen, I realized that maybe I was being a tad bit judgmental.

    Butler and Arcade Fire have essentially been christened the saviors of today’s music generation. Whether you agree with it or not, when they have the likes of Springsteen and David Bowie proclaiming their greatness, the band has certainly been put on a high pedestal. And that’s got to be a lot of pressure. But if Neon Bible gave any indication, the band has seemed to flourish under this pressure. The sound is darker and ever more powerful. With an orchestral feeling and religious heavy lyrics, it’s almost as if you’re listening to the musical equivalent of a religious revival. Maybe Butler isn’t the most modest when it comes to speaking his mind, but if you take one thing away from Neon Bible, it’s that Arcade Fire’s euphoric, passionate sound honors the Springsteens and the Bowies in the same way that these legends rave about the Canadian natives today. It’s just through music and not words.

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