2007’s Top 50 Albums: #12 – Colour It In

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    Colour It In, the debut album of UK natives The Maccabees ,is far from groundbreaking, but it is perhaps the catchiest album of 2007. Taking inspiration from nearly everyone you can think of, from The Futureheads to Blur, Weezer to The Strokes, The Maccabees play with the same guitar riffs and bouncy beats that describes the sound of nearly every new indie band from Britain. But it’s the lively and youthful vocals of frontman Orlando Weeks, which blend almost perfectly with the the band’s catchy melodies on nearly every song, that separates them into a class of their own. More than anything, The Maccabees are just fun. The lyrics of Colour It In detail relatable everyday struggles, the sound makes you just want to nod your head along. It’s nothing complicated or complex, it’s just fun music. And sometimes, that’s the best kind.

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