2007’s Top 50 Albums: #14 – Under the Blacklight

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    #14 – Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight

    Many have deemed Rilo Kiley as the modern reincarnation of Fleetwood Mac. (Though I guess that doesn’t really make sense since Fleetwood Mac is still hanging in there.) Regardless, it’s hard to disagree with that notion after the release of Under the Blacklight, which prominently features a soulful and experimental nature that is eerily similar to Stevie Nicks and company. The album also marks Jenny Lewis transformation into a star. Like it not, guitarist Blake Sennett has essentially given up the vocal spotlight to Lewis and her astonishing voice, which has resulted in a more passionate and at times, seductive sound. Under the Blacklight also marks a continuation in the band’s attempt at diversity, evident in the disco-sounding “Breakin’ Up” and the funk meets rock “The Moneymaker”. Overall, it’s a total package of sound that could very well go down as a modern classic.

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