2007’s Top 50 Albums: #16 – Let’s Stay Friends

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    Les Savy Fav is probably the coolest band around. And while there was a six year span between the release of Go Forth and Let’s Stay Friends, whose complaining? Since we last heard them on disc, the band has gotten tighter, the song-writing has improved, and frontman Tim Harrington is just as eccentric, all which make for a win-win combination. The album truly documents Les Savy Fav at their peak. It’s over the top and intense in sound as you would expect. Yet at the same time, the band finds a way to keep it smart as throughout the album, they continually try to expand their horizons and press the limits of their musicality. Album highlights include the quite experimental “Brace Yourself” and the ferocious “The Year Before The Year 2000” that can only be fully appreciated with the sound on high.

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    “The Equestrian”
    “What Would Wolves Do?”

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