2007’s Top 50 Albums: #25 – La Radiolina

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    Manu Chao is perhaps one of the world’s most talented and popular musician. But, few in the United States know much about the French-born, Spanish singing Chao. La Radiolina is the latest effort by Chao and his backing band. Like most of Chao’s previous the album incorporates a variety of sounds – from the street music of Latin America to the punk rock of Europe in the 1970s. And like all of Chao’s albums, La Radiolina is full of political sentiments. You don’t need to understand Spanish to hear his attacks, but Chao does it in such a way, that they are more words of hope than of negativity. And this is what has allowed Manu Chao to become a voice for an entire world, similar to his idol Joe Strummer. Does this make any sense? If not, this video says it all.

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    “13 Días”
    “El Kitapena”

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