2007’s Top 50 Albums: #3 – Sound of Silver

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    I don’t really think I fully realized the talents and overall quality of LCD Soundsystem until I saw them live. I initially listened to Sound of Silver and thought, “wow, this is some catchy, little dance music.” Yet, I doubt at that time that I thought nine months later I’d be writing about it as the third best album of 2007. However, this was before I saw James Murphy and company play with Arcade Fire in October. Though I referred to it as “Arcade Fest 2007,” it was LCD Soundsystem who stole the show. They were just full of passion and raw energy, and even in a field surrounded by 20,000 people, the sound just overwhelmed me. After the show, I raced back home to give Sound of Silver another shot.

    Sound of Silver is an infectious dance album full of unique instrumentations that produce equally strange rhythms. That’s probably the most simple way you can put it. Add this to the humorous, but eccentric lyrics and vocals of Murphy and LCD Soundsystem is creating some of the most entertaining music around. While the Sound of Silver is less complicated and more mainstream friendly in sound than 2005’s s/t debut, it’s still just as unique and full of the trademark inside references and name drops that lead to more confusion that clarity. What more, it’s one of those albums that even after listening to 10 times, you’ll discover some new sound or rhythm you’ve never heard before on the 11th listen. And sometimes that’s not even enough. For example, it wasn’t until seeing them live did I hear the beauty of the bongos and bells in “Us v Them” that gives the song just another layer of feeling.

    Seeing LCD Soundsystem live gave me a greater appreciation for their music and I certainly believe that listening to them on a CD or mp3 doesn’t at all give them justice. With that being said, it’s still hard to deny the quality of Sound of Silver. It’s a representation of true musical talent and some of the best dance music since…um…Daft Punk? But until you see them live, as great as this album is, well let’s just say, you’re missing out.


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