2007’s Top 50 Albums: #7 – Easy Tiger

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    While he’s not quite maturing in the same sense as Conor Obrest, Ryan Adams has certainly been trying to achieve more self-control as of late. He has apparently found sobriety and seems to hold a desire for more organization and clarity when it comes to his music career. Sure, he’s remains eccentric and if the D.J. Reggie videos tell you anything, Adams is certainly still has a love for experimentation. But Easy Tiger exemplifies this new found organization. More than any other album in his discography, it is concise, focused and full of direction. However, it’s an album that can appease any Adams’ fans. Exhibiting the characteristic and ever popular Adam’s alt-country sound, Easy Tiger still packs a rock punch and extraordinary lyrics.

    But besides all the characteristics that we have been accustomed to when talking about any work of Ryan Adams, Easy Tigers offers something else. Maybe it’s the sobriety, but the album exhibits some of Adams best vocals to date. What more, though unacknowledged, the musical backing of The Cardinals allows for a tight and full sound, an aspect that has sometimes has been missed in past albums. While maybe not his best album, Easy Tiger offers the world yet another perspective of the talent and potential that is Ryan Adams. His career has brought about so much musical brilliance. And fortunately there is still so much more to come.

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