2007’s Top 50 Albums: #8 – Living with the Living

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    No one translates their energy, passion, and intensity into music more than Ted Leo. Both on and off the stage, Leo is one of the hardest working men in music and Living with the Living is just his latest example of musical excellence. As usual, the album features Leo’s trademark catchy rifts and exemplary song-writing ability. Like always, Leo analyzes all aspects of life from the happiness of love to the heartbreak despair. He’s of course also a bit rebellious, conveying much of his anti-war, anti-government attitudes. Yet, in the end, as great a song-writer that he is, it’s the music that helps him do the talking.

    Living with the Living’s sound is Leo’s most experimental to date. As a result, each of the album’s 15 tracks are unique and distinct in sound. There is essentially something for any type of music fan, from the reggae-heavy “The Unwanted Things” to the punky “La Costa Brava”. But, more than anything, the various sounds and musicality of the album complement Leo’s lyrics and allow each song to convey a profound theme that is presented both through sound and word. For example, the politically charged “Bomb.Repeat.Bomb.” literally sounds like a war – both in the clashing of furious guitar and bass rifts and passionate, but lively and loud vocals of Leo. Each song is like it’s own distinct story. And both through word and sound, Ted Leo is the best when it comes to storytellers.

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