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Yesterday was just another day at the office, at least for the most part.Feeling frisky, the desire for new music lingered around in my head.The universe picked up these traveling brainwaves and granted me a surprise in my inbox yesterday afternoon.Lo and behold, a group from Portland, Oregon called Saturna graced the threshold of my email.

It was in regards to my album review of Bob Mould’s District Line. Via email, I spoke with the band’s guitarist and vocalist Ryan Carroll. Saturna was asked to tour with Bob Mould regarding his newest album and according to the band’s MySpace, they will be hitting all of the hot spots on the west coast including Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver.

“We’re a four piece and have been together off and on for the last three years,” says Carroll, “but we just put out our debut record Some Delicious Enemy last June.” On their MySpace, the band has posted a few cuts off the album, and they deliver the goods, without a doubt. The band’s single “Pop Rocks” as you can see, it pops as it rocks. There are hints of early 90’s alternative and that’s a positive sign especially on cuts such as “Leader Of The Western Stars,” “Just For Thrills” and “Roll Down.”

Alternative is making a huge comeback (it’s about damn time) and Saturna definitely is in the right place at the right time. Also joining their spin of alternative rock are swirling shoegaze and dreamy pop textures large enough to fill a football field. On the band’s sound, Carroll explains,As far as our influences go, I’d say some of our biggest are Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Cocteau Twins, but people have been saying all sorts of British bands. We just love harmonies and melodies, distortion and delay!”

The British sound definitely is written all over the band’s record. Of course it does, and why shouldn’t it? In the three short years the band has existed, they’ve certainly racked up quite an audience as well as acclaim. Sources such as Aiding And Abetting and The Sound Of Indie have given the band’s debut, Some Delicious Enemy, compelling and ecstatic reviews.

Getting to tour with a legend like Bob Mould must be a huge honor and Saturna will definitely keep that flame of alternative rock alive. You don’t want to miss what this fledgling Portland quartet has to offer. Oh, and if you like what you hear, you can get their EP on Amazon.

Check Out:
“Pop Rocks”