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    What do you get when you take a city full of old steel, legendary family pizza restaurants, dashes of mountains and lakes and psychedelic overtones? You get one of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s best rock bands, The Sw!ms. Glancing at their Myspace page, it isn’t too hard to notice their roots and where their sense of humor lies.

    On songs such as “We Need Lava” and “Festooned,” the band brings musical brilliance to a low key environment for everyone to enjoy (think Mozart at a sports bar). Visuals aside, they make some great, catchy tunes. Imagine a happy-go-lucky Death Cab For Cutie surfing into a 1960’s garage packed with old 45’s of Dick Dale and The Ventures. Above all else, they know how to party!

    Without a doubt, this is a band that takes their time with everything…no seriously. From their happy, yet complex musical arrangements to their own site and flyer designs, these guys have a lot of creative time on their hands and they deliver a truly top quality product.


    The Sw!ms have been tearing it up in the northern Pennsylvania area now for well over four years. At the moment, they are currently spearheading their own sporadic tour throughout eastern Pennsylvania, hitting such cities as Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, Wyoming and finally settling in Baltimore, MD. The Sw!ms offer everything to everyone, whether its crossbows, lava, pierogis, exploding red barrels, Vermillion archers and straight up good times. Don’t miss one of The Electric City’s best groups. They’ll surf, they’ll rock, they’ll roll and yes, they’ll steal your soul.


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    Music Video for Vermillion Archer

    Check out:
    “We Need Lava”

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