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    Its eleven days shy of the Ides Of March and for what it’s worth, The Sapiens are not only the first band of March to review, but they play great music as well.  Being from a city as musically diverse as Chicago doesn’t hurt either. Between it’s basketball, it’s deep dish pizza, and not to mention it’s historic culture, this genre riding band is having the time of it’s life in the Midwestern metropolis.

    The Sapiens combine elements of electronica, indie rock and dancing grooves as heard in their big song “Void.”  Think Billy Joel and Madness crushing together with Joy Division and Franz Ferdinand.  The visual of dancing pianos, ecstatic yet cryptic vocals and all around great songwriting alone sells the song. Fresh off their most recent release, Vs. The Hornet, the band is busy performing not only in Chicago, but in Detroit and Toledo as well.  According to the band’s guitarist Charlie Nadler, “The Sapiens have been around for about two and a half years. Our influences range from Franz Ferdinand to The Kinks to Joy Division.”

    There’s definitely strong influence from all of these bands. The Sapiens’ other cuts, included on their Myspace, feature “Every Corner”, “Cry” and “Waitress Waitress.”  All the instruments co-exist mercilessly, think of bananas in your cereal or butter on your popcorn. For our Canadian readers, the gravy on your French fries.



    Regardless, The Sapiens is picking up major media waves and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  Sources including the Chicago Sun-Times, AbsolutePunk, Real Detroit and Cashbox Magazine have all taken turns raving about the band’s sound, as well as their suits.  Anybody who owns stock in The Sapiens stands to make a lot of money, as their value is high.

    No really, The Sapiens are busting the door down to deliver the goods.  It’s always good to find a fun band that not only knows their instruments well, but has fun playing them.  This band will make you hop, skip and jump, but their music will leave you at a loss for words, but that’s a good thing.


    Check Out:
    “Waitress, Waitress”

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