Album Review: Carolina Liar – Coming To Terms

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In the circus of this year’s bands coming out of the woodworks to make profound statements on the world, hype and momentum built up by lead singer Chad Wolf’s recent acoustic promotional tour, as well as an in-depth interview with us, Wolf proves his words in gold. Carolina Liar would be featured as one of the largest main attractions. After the past few months with the

The debut album by the Los Angeles based Carolina Liar, Coming To Terms, screams like a banshee leaping out of it’s cage and tasting freedom for the first time. The smash single “I’m Not Over” kickstarts the album and cuts right to the bone with the hooks. The hooks come left and right that it makes a fisherman blush so much so, he’ll throw that marlin he just caught back into the stream. Wolf’s vocals are crisp, clear and easy to understand, and as a music lover, those qualities for any style of music are extremely important. The chorus shines the best however with strong production from Max Martin. Synthesizers and swirling vocal parts behind thick drumming make a nice musically wrapped package. You can’t get any tighter than that.

By the second song, “Coming To Terms”, one thing is truly apparent: Chad Wolf is here to stay. His voice proves to be the strongest instrument throughout the song. If you were to take away the drums and guitars, Wolf could still sell the song. It’s like selling a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, as Wolf knows his craft very well. The lead guitar and synthesizers provide excellent leverage to Wolf’s voice and certainly pack a wallop of a punch.

The next few numbers “Last Night,” “Show Me What I’m Looking For” and “Simple Life” fly through a plethora of artistic influences ranging from The Killers, U2 and British newcomers The Kooks. Like much of the music at this point, Wolf’s voice is the glue that keeps its all together. In the grand scheme of things, the music is well written and possesses strong chord progressions, but Wolf makes the music dance like kindled papers upon a bonfire.

One of the highlights and instant pop classic is the tune “California Bound.” Max Martin’s production shines the best; the man’s never-ending bag of musical magic works wonders here. The pianos and guitars create the perfect wall of sound behind Wolf’s tale of breaking free and going to the big top. Really, it’s infectious and it will not leave your player. Why say no when it feels so good to say yes? Chad Wolf knows why, and that’s why you’re listening to him.

The album ends with a two haymaker knockout with “Better Alone” and the lovey-dovey ballad “When You Are Near.” What makes the whole debut album aside from Chad Wolf’s powerful throat is not only Max Martin’s magic show, but the band behind the men. The musicians do a great job providing some of the catchiest pop rock tunes in recent memory and for once, the music stands on its own. It’s catchy as fish in a barrel, but the music has an honest quality to it. As much as it is approachable, it does possess the dual flash of integrity. Coming To Terms storms out of the gauntlet and delivers an awesome debut album. Let’s hope that the band comes to terms on a follow up real soon.

Check Out:
“Show Me What I’m Looking For”