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    K Anderson is a modern folk artist currently based and playing in the UK.  Yes, the letter ‘K’ can stand for a lot of things, but in this case it stands for Keith. Now, if I was a serious, talented, homosexual folk artist and shared a name with an American country singer whose first song was titled “Beer Run!”, I’d change my name too.

    K Anderson put together his first EP, Five Stories, in 2006 on an independent label and has recently followed up that effort with Foxes, another 5 song EP which is now available on iTunes.

    The music is produced well and Anderson does some interesting things with the layering of tracks to create more full a structure than the austere chord progressions could provide standing alone.

    Lyrically, even the casual listener that would pull out a line here and a line there can see that the words are of a very personal nature. When given a closer listen each song is its own animal, a complete idea from beginning to conclusion. Anderson is very good at taking a simple act or common observation and tying it in to his lyrical message, letting a familiar memory, such as finding an old pack of cigarettes; bring the audience closer to the song writer’s story.

    K Anderson has been building a following in and around London in the past few years and the response to Foxes has been quite positive. The music video for “Same Kind of Grim” (a gritty, 8 mm like, film strip of an old apartment with trippy trinkets) has been consistently in the 50 most viewed videos on UK YouTube.


    Give the honest folk musician a try, and just be happy you’re not listening to “Beer Run (B, double E, double R U In?)”.  Good lord.

    Check Out:
    “Same Kind of Grim”

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