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    Nathan Clarke is a young singer/songwriter based out of Romford, Essex in the U.K.  A member of the bands The Void and Toliver, the English native has taken his act solo, even recently releasing his first solo album, The Junktion Sessions, onto iTunes.

    Nathan Clarke tackles two of the most universal topics, true love and heartbreak.  “Carley Brings the Rain”, tells a story of how one person can ruin a perfectly wonderful day.  My favorite song on the album, “For You It’s Only Everything”, is a sweet song about a new love.  Clarke’s lyrics are somewhat basic, but that’s also what makes him so relatable.  He pours his heart out into each verse.

    While listening to The Junktion Sessions, I found myself being surprised by the tone of each track.  Clarke dabbles in several different genres with a touch of calypso in “Raindrops in My Eyes”. “Red Stats” sounds like it could have been written for Buddy Holly.  Even with incorporating different sounds, The Junktion Sessions is all brought together by Clarke’s haunting vocals.


    If you have ever been burned by love, check out Nathan Clarke.  He will show you that you are not alone, while still giving you hope that eventually the sun will shine again.

    Check Out:
    “Thirteen Days”
    “Carley Brings the Rain”

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