The Hanks knock down the Double Door (5/6)

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After having recently spoke with Josh from The Hanks, I had an opportunity to check out the California band in action at Chicago’s Double Door last night,. Featuring a balance of strong vocals, good instrumentation and interesting rhythms, the group was equally impressive live as they are recorded.  What’s more, their clean and polished sound added a refreshing touch.hanks5 The Hanks knock down the Double Door (5/6)

Reminiscent a tad bit of Death Cab for Cutie, but with more focus on the rhythm section, The Hanks feel like a complete band, with no single member standing out over the next.  In fact, I found myself taking time to watch each member, rather than focusing the singer.

It was unfortunate that there wasn’t a bigger crowd, but that’s to be expected on a Tuesday. On an interesting side note, Jason Siska, from this season’s Survivor played a song with opener Karlye Lapetina.  Kind of random, but entertaining none the less.

The Hanks are currently finishing out their tour, which ends later this month in San Luis Obispo, CA.

hanks2 The Hanks knock down the Double Door (5/6)

hanks3 The Hanks knock down the Double Door (5/6)

 hanks4 The Hanks knock down the Double Door (5/6)

The Hanks Tour Dates:
05/08 – Dallas, Texas @ Club Dada
05/09 – Tulsa, Oklahoma @ Crush Lounge
05/10 – Amarillo, Texas @ The Nat Ballroom
05/11 – Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Atomic Cantina
05/12 – Phoenix, Arizona @ The Modified
05/13 – West Hollywood, California @ The Key Club
05/15 – San Luis Obispo, California @ The Downtown Brew