Album Review: Children Of Bodom – Blooddrunk

Some things in life come later than expected and Children Of Bodom’s sixth album Blooddrunk is no exception. The album came out back in April, but it still packs a wallop, especially following their appearance at Gigantour in Atlanta back on April 20th. Regardless, the Finnish natives have perfected their craft of extreme metal and put it onto a nice platter complete with savory vegetables to dine for.

Bodom’s sixth album, Blooddrunk doesn’t waste any precious time with any gimmicky concepts or sound effects. Instead, it’s a blow to the ears with the album thrasher “Hellhounds On My Trail.” Lead guitarist/singer Alexi Laiho’s vocals are gutteral, grunt-filled and pierce the eardrums faster than spears through a castle’s wall. Needless to say, he sounds great amongst the rest of the band’s heavy and intrinsic musical complexity. By the start of the record, Bodom already has a great grasp on the ears of millions of metalbangers everywhere, and they’ve only just begun.

The self-titled single “Blooddrunk” follows and opens with a great keyboard run from keyboardist Janne Warman. Warman’s keyboards take the reins on here and prove to be the best part of the song. Laiho and Roope Latvala’s dueling solos sound incredible here, but Warman’s keyboards steal the show. Even live, as I witnessed the band’s aggressive prowess, Warman’s keyboards add that missing link of musical harmony and push the band over the edge. Following chants of “BLOODDRUNK!” in the chorus, Laiho proves himself to be a great frontman as well as a great guitarist. Simply put, Bodom knows how to deliver the goods.

The album follows with a battle cry of brutal metal cuts in “LoBodomy,” the atmospheric “One Day You Will Cry” (another Warman breakthrough) “Smile Pretty For The Devil” and the crazily rerecorded “Tie My Rope” which the band shows no mercy in delivering a swift swing of the metal hammer. The Finnish quintet outdoes themselves here in vocal ferocity, chugging and thick riffs, tight drumming and head-spinning musical complexity. Seriously, aside from Megadeth’s triumph in Atlanta, Children Of Bodom easily stole the show and with cuts like “Tie My Rope,” there’s no argument from this metalhead that life in the metal world is good, great, grand and wonderful.

The album ends with a 1-2-3 slam in the face with “Done With Everything, Die For Nothing,” “Banned From Heaven” and the ultimate ride home “Roadkill Morning.” Bodom’s Blooddrunk goes out there, kicks some ass and proves to be one of the best heavy metal records released this year. The production is top notch, the band sounds jaw droppingly amazing, and for thirty-six minutes of non-stop aggressive, melodic metal, you can’t ask for a better band to deliver it right on time.

With the quasi-if not pathetic-threat of nu metal trying to make a comeback, bands like Children Of Bodom are the legends themselves, the metal gods in heaven, shine upon as the fortunate sons. Much like soldiers in war, when a comrade falls, another is there to pick the flag up in defense of his beliefs. In the era of metal diversified into uncountable genres, Children Of Bodom certainly perch atop a high place in the heavy metal mountain and once and for all carry the flag of brotherhood and the spirit of true heavy metal grit.

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