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    Let’s be honest, Ireland isn’t exactly known for it’s musical contributions to tropically-tinged indie rock.  Therefore, finding this band out of nowhere certainly garnered my attention.

    Hoarsebox and their recently released Cuckoo Land EP truly had me rocking back and forth with a smile on my face.  The song “Rosey”, the first of their tunes that met my ear, offered a much welcome treat, taking pages out of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, and adding some Dave Matthews-style jam rock.  I couldn’t refuse myself a good mood, by any means.

    This four-piece from Dublin, Ireland have described themselves as a band who want their audience to “sing along and clap their hands” to this funky blend of beach music, soul, old fashioned rock-n-roll, and (in their own words) even “polka, whatever”.


    And after just one listen, I literally could not stop myself from mouthing the choruses cheerfully along.

    Stylistically, don’t compare Hoarsebox directly to anyone, because they’ve made a style for themselves.  Almost every song has a different groove for the fans.  “Do It To The Letter” has that slow vibe with a pipe organ introduction before launching another crowd-pleasing party track.  Dancing shoes, don’t fail me now.

    I can’t dream of spoiling this any further, so give them a listen, jam yourself silly, and wish to God you were in Ireland to catch a live show.  They’re touring, they’re rocking out, and they’re a lovely gem to dig out of the Emerald Island.

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