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    Hot Lava is an eccentric 4 piece band that hail from Richmond, Virginia. With the release of their debut album, Hot Lava Owns You, the band has begun to gain a bit of a cult following. Refreshingly happy could describe Hot Lava, it is pop music for rainy days. Just in case you need to be cheered up, this tight group of four will brighten up any dreadful day.

    While there is no doubting Hot Lava’s catchy sound and skill, their music relies too heavily on electronic drum beats and repetitive arrangements. Too much snare can drive listeners crazy! Hot Lava are definitely abstract musically, they do not conform to many of the electronic bands trends today. Stand out vocals make up for the often annoying electronic drum beats.

    For those of you wanting to expand your electronic music collection definitely check out Hot Lava. However, their overpowering indie sound may draw some away, yet at the very least their music will briefly put a smile on your face. One can’t blame Hot Lava for producing different music, yet their music may have diverged to far to appeal to a mass audience. Personally, I would not blare Hot Lava Owns You through my stereo or headphones, however most indie electro fans might find it to be a change from the ordinary.


    Check Out:
    “Apple Option Fire”

    Hot Lava 2008 Tour Dates:
    06/28 – Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5
    07/10 – Richmond, VA @ Artist Underground
    07/24 – Washington, DC @ DC9
    08/01 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
    08/16 – Athens, GA @ Athens Popfest!

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