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    Brotherhood and classic rock embrace each other, much like football and beer kegs do on a sultry Sunday afternoon. There’s no denying this vivid American tradition, and on Sunday, you can bet any time of the day during the cool Fall weather that it will be great regardless what happens. Chicago’s own brotherhood of classic rock-influenced music gurus League Of Shadows certainly carry a new torch embedded with a flame of prosperity that looks towards the future.

    The band consists of brothers Nick & Marko Akrap, and from first listen there’s a ton of influences ranging from Kiss, Monster Magnet, Led Zeppelin and many more.  With their newly released EP, Resurrection, the dynamically talented brothers have begun blazing a pathway to glory.

    On their website, the Akrap duo describe their mission with blunt reasoning:

    They went from a vague notion to a clear understanding of what the purpose of their music was: resurrect classic rock n’ roll and create a new type of music that pays tribute to the era of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.


    Without a doubt, their words ring true like a battalion of church bells on a busy Sunday afternoon. On Resurrection, the opener, “Death’s Front Door,” League Of Shadows waste no time in constructing a good mood that will certainly set the tone for the rest of the mini-album.  Lead guitars, arpeggios, thick drumming, and dark undertones fill out this heavy quartet’s album opener.  Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet would be proud of this young and talented quartet from the Windy City.

    Currently the band is selling their EP on iTunes and much like every other red-blooded, American rock band out there, they’re trying to gain a little piece of the popularity pie.  Either way, League of Shadows certainly appeals to those warriors on a lazy Sunday and with that being said, down goes the snap, the kick is up, and it’s good!

    Check Out:
    “Death’s Front Door”

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