Album Review: Kevin Drew – Something For All of Us


With the launch of Broken Social Scene Presents, I wasn’t at all surprised to find that Kevin Drew, founder of Broken Social Scene, would be the first to kick off with something of his own, that being Spirit If…, and to say the least, its a swell album. Spirit If… has all the kinks and pleasures that any Broken Social Scene album once gave us, it has all the essentials-  the fun, the melodic drones of guitar and bass, and it’s captivating score-like appeal. What makes me even happier is that Broken Social Scene Presents‘ sophomore release of Something For All of Us does that and a whole lot more…

Brendan Canning, being co-founder of Broken Social Scene, is often known as the quiet genius behind the band. Usually found in the shadows, Canning gives our favorite little underground band the sound, landscape, and feeling we have all been looking for in music and thanks to him, we now have it. Without him, those delicate and appealing features of Broken Social Scene would evaporate and the band itself would just become another indie act among the flock. Canning’s work on Something for All of Us only confirms these notions.

The album itself starts off just like a movie, giving you a bit of back story, bringing you up to speed with what you’re about to experience and then… it all starts. The opening title track, “Something for All of Us”,  is striking and very Dinosaur Jr.-esque, kick starting the album perfectly. It’s not too in your face and not too laid back- a fine medium. With “Snowballs & Icicles”, one of the softer songs on the album save for “Chameleon”, I felt as if I were listening to “Major Label Debut” off of BSS’s self titled album. The song itself pulls you into its arms and cradles you like a mother to its child. It’s very welcoming.

However, one of the things that truly upsets me about this record is the fact that “Hit the Wall”, as phenomenal as the song may be, is the first single off this album, “Churches Under the Stairs” should have been this album’s first single, not only because it’s a catchier song but also a much better song than “Hit the Wall” could ever be. I say this because “Churches Under the Stairs” is probably some of the catchiest material Brendan Canning, and let’s just say all the other members of BSS, have ever done, excluding “Windsurfing Nation” which I still find to be their catchiest. Let’s not forget “Love is New”, where I half expected Barry White to approach the microphone and speak of morning sex with his close lover.

This album has a lot of promise, with material that needed to be heard. There are no fillers, those four or five songs that are simply “okay.” No, this album offers plenty and should please with its value. Something for All of Us never gives up, unlike most albums these days, starting off with a killer opening, giving us a cliff hanger and finishing off with a good feeling.

Whether it’s a song you play as your personal lullaby while your head kisses the pillow or a song you dance and walk about the streets to, you’ll find that song on this album. After all, the album is titled Something for All of Us. Coincidence or not?

Check Out:
“Hit the Wall”

Something For All of Us is now available everywhere on Arts & Crafts