D.C. still loves Boris Yeltsin (7/19)

Last night, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin proved to the crowd present at Washington, D.C.’s Black Cat just why they soon might have to rethink their name.

But then again, since the Springfield, Missouri natives first burst onto the scene with the release of 2005’s Broom, the four piece outfit hasn’t had to look to hard to find someone humming along to its overly catchy harmonies. Since then, thanks to constant touring, blog write ups, and another equally solid album, the recently released Pershing, its hard to find anyone not entranced by SSLYBY.

But as the band took the stage a little past 11:30 p.m. last night, in front of the largest crowd ever to assemble to see them perform in the nation’s capital, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin played with the same enthusiasm and awe of an up-and-coming band still trying to find their niche, turn that someone to everyone. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/drummer Philip Dickey introduced each member of his Polyvinyl Records signed outfit with timid, but innocent grace, while dedications and stories perhaps outnumbered the number of songs performed during SSLYBY’s 60 minute set.

Still, it was the music performed last night that left lasting impressions. Between the pleasant, but ruckus passion of “Thing I Wanna Die” to “What We’ll Do” and all its Beach Boys-like, pop perfection, Someone Still Loves You rocked the Black Cat with sing-a-long choruses and head bopping guitar rhythms. Smiles accompanied the occasional collective clapping, while urged on by the clever choreographed dance moves of guitarist Will Knauer, some audience members even attempted their best twist and shout impressions.

By the time Dickey took over frontman duties and embarked on captivating renditions of “Modern Mystery” and “Oceanographer”, not a person at the Black Cat wasn’t glued to the four musicians in front of them. The “wow, these guys are awesome” and “I hope this never ends” comments quickly filled the venue, while “three more!” followed Dicky’s words of thanks and introduction of the set’s final song, “Glue Girls”.

Throughout their 15 song set, thoughts of everyone from Kweller and Voxtrot to Malkmus and Modest Mouse came to mind. But as the band raced back on stage for a two song encore and another round of stunning serenades, bittersweet wordplay, and harmonious guitar rifts, it became obvious that when it comes to music that simple as it is smart, fun as it is catchy, at least for now, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is in a class of its own.

Though I’m not the only one who realizes this.

As the crowd began to exit the Black Cat during the late summer night, everyone was loving Boris Yeltsin.

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