Ridiculously Awesome Music Videos: FNM’s “Epic”

In a previous article, I mentioned the lack of good music in the 90s. I recant that statement partially, in lieu of the grunge era. I also do it because outside of Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and Mudhoney, another band gave us a song many have admittedly jammed to both inside their car and homestead.

1990 ushered in a slew of acts, but one seeped through as a harbinger of what would soon start the move to rap-metal.  Faith No More, while credited as a rock band, was notable for their improvisational live sets, unique musical arrangements (see “Digging The Grave” and “I Started A Joke”), and even more unique music videos.  One such video was for a track titled “Epic” – a song reported to be about masturbation.

Beyond it’s catchy nature, the video for “Epic” was the source of early MTV controversy when a rumor had spread that the flopping fish out of water near the end was stolen from Bjork during filming.  I claim this music video to be ridiculously awesome for multiple other reasons, however – and find myself wishing that rumor were true.

Outside of being an absolutely phenomenal band (regardless of how they charted in the US), FNM graces us with acid-trip worthy fluorescent paint mementos, abstract art that can only be described as bizarre, tributes to Cliff Burton and Mr. Bungle found on various band members’ shirts, Mike Patton being Mike Patton, and a finale involving aforementioned slo-mo fish flopping.

There’s even a shot of an exploding organ (heads out of the gutter, please).


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