Ridiculously Awesome Music Videos: The Bear’s “Knights”

With much time and consideration, I’ve finally chosen what I believe is worthy of the Ridiculously Awesome Music Video title, it’s no “Smooth Criminal” or “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but it’s surely one for the books, and that video is “Knights” by Minus the Bear, the first single off it’s third album Planet of Ice, which is easily the band’s greatest and most mature work to date (Menos El Oso is a phenomenal album, too). Not only do you have this groundbreaking single but you have “Ice Monster”, which slips perfectly into “Knights” towards the end. Then you have “Throwing Shapes”, their second single, “Dr L’Ling”, and the rest of the album to look forward to. Is it obvious enough that I love this record?

Nonetheless, the video for “Knights” does justice to the song. Personally, I would find it to be quite the task to put to screen. The song is riveting, prompt and very experimental- basically, it’s nonstop. Upon watching this video I knew it was perfect. It sets the mood and puts the song in its right place: on the brim of chaos. When I first saw Minus the Bear down in Fort Lauderdale, I thought the club was going to collapse due to the complete commotion that was going on and it didn’t help when “Knights” began to play; everybody and everything wouldn’t stop moving- the feelings mutual towards the video.

Upon watching this video you feel as if you’re watching it through a kaleidoscope. Everything is mirrored yet at the same time, its different and all the while you gawk like a three year old. It’s pure eye candy. No matter how many people I show this video to, I see the same facial expression and I love it every time because that’s what music videos are supposed to do. None of this crap where the video lamely shows the band playing in a room, usually an abandoned warehouse, with “extremely cool lights” and “hip visual effects.” Come on, I would rather watch CNN.

So I won’t stall you, nor tell you anymore about how brilliant and amazing this video is and all that guff. You need to see it for yourself, and tell me if you don’t gawk within the first ten seconds. If you don’t, I’ll see about finding another video that does, but until then, enjoy and embrace.


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