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When a band sounds like they belong on the Garden State soundtrack, it’s usually a 50/50 chance of either being utterly beautiful or overly hipster.

The Rest, an eclectic band from California, reminds me of the 60s on Haight-Ashbury Street – music was simply a means of expression, both chaotic and charming. Hippies on one street corner, performance artists on the other. This band would be suited as either a set of said performers (the song “Apples and Allergies”) or as an opening act for U2 (the song “Walk On Water”).therest Listen: The Rest

Taking a page from more recent well-known bands’ publicity play books, their debut album Atlantis, Oh Our Savior is available as a free download – and the CD single for “Apples and Allergies” is in a handmade case. This 7-piece set of soulful balladeers and atmospheric musicians definitely earned the right to be considered artistic.

By far, that very same single is my favorite with a classic rock opening complete with abstract lyrics that make you sit back and wander aimlessly inside your head.

Go check out their website and do exactly that – rest.


Check Out:
“The Close Western”
Atlantis, Oh Our Savior

The Rest 2008 Tour Dates:
09/06 – Hamilton, ON @ Catherine North
09/13 – Brantford, ON @ The Ford Plant
09/20 – Guelph, ON @ Jimmy Jazz