YouTube Live: Dan Deacon on NBC

When one thinks of mind-numbing, balls out performances, you may stumble upon the greats such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, and maybe even Nirvana. Within those bands you are, without a doubt, going to find the exploding drum set that nearly blew Pete Townshend away on Smother’s Brothers, Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a violin bow (like some modern Mozart), and Kurt Cobain diving into a drum set, clothed like a crazed doctor.

Those examples, as everyone can agree, were truly “balls out” performances. Performances such as those were the ones that mattered. Don’t bash me for forgetting Jimi Hendrix, who lit his guitar on fire, or Jim Morrison, who allegedly showed his penis to the “lovely” city of Miami. As great and heart-stopping as they might have been, I honestly do not have the time, nor the energy, to present them to you all in this small article; instead, I’m giving you the greats, not the history!

However, to get back on track, those performances were the ones that inspired the many we see today. From Foo Fighters to The Mars Volta – you see it everywhere. The performance I am about to show you is one I have never seen; one for the books. It’s not thee greatest performance I have ever seen, but nevertheless, it’s one to be seen. From a man whose music is categorized as “Future Shock,” I am of course talking about, Dan Deacon.


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