Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives – This Is An Emergency [EP]

Now that they’re on your radar, put them on your iPod. Already something of a sensation overseas, Leeds band The Pigeon Detectives have added another few foot-stomping anthems to the UK repertoire with its EP This is an Emergency.

The sound, as the title suggests, is nothing if not urgent. Frenzied guitars, shouting, and clap-alongs convey all the energy of a live show–the surge, crest, and crash of each song conjuring scenes of a thousands of sweaty pogo-ers engaged in a riotous call-and-response.

The Pigeon Detectives follow in the footsteps of great Brit bands with tracks like “I’m Not Sorry”, which has all the spunk of early Libertines, and “I Found Out” or “This Is An Emergency”, both of which could easily pass for Blur’s greatest hits.

But The Pigeon Detectives seem at the same time much more than the sum of its influences. The band’s alliance with Britpop’s recent past is, in the best way, flirtatious. It is this free-spiritedness and performative un-self-consciousness which make me hopeful that the band will grow more adventurous, but no less fun, as time goes on.

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“This Is An Emergency”


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