Check Out: Jonathan Davis’ “Got Money”

Failing to make a decent album since 1999’s Issues, KoRn’s lead singer Jonathan Davis has hit a new low with his recent Lil’ Wayne cover, “Got Money“. It’s obvious that Davis is on a mission to make himself the laughing stock of nu-metal since he recently starting covering such classic songs as “Love My Way” by the Psychedelic Furs and “Erotic City” by Prince. Seriously, what is he thinking? Sobering up couldn’t possibly make him this desperate, right?

“Got Money” was never an impressive song to begin with, but now Davis has turned it into something that’s ear shockingly painful. The song carries the characteristic chug of KoRn’s older music, along with Davis’s spoken vocals, which are often electronically altered for effect. Of course, covering “Got Money” was too much of an epic fail for Davis to undertake alone, which is why he collaborated with Slipknot’s Jim Root and his own side band The SFA. What a winner, huh?

If you simply must give this a listen you can download it for free off of JDSFA. If nothing else, you could at least get a good laugh out of it. Why else would I want you to listen?


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