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    Since we first introduced you to Eugene Francis Jnr last January, the young singer/songwriter has been quite busy. After releasing their debut record, The Golden Beatle, earlier this year, Francis and his band spent much of the summer touring and releasing singles. With a new double sided single of “Poor Me” set to drop in the coming weeks, we felt like there was no better time than now repost our love for Eugene Francis Jnr.

    Kris Williams is an interesting character. Just one look at his myspace and you’ll realize that the young Wales native, who commonly goes by the stage name Eugene Francis Jnr, is not at all afraid to express even the most intimate of personal details, a characteristic which also seems to be profoundly present in his music.

    With Ben Kweller-like passion, Issac Brock meets Sufjan Stevens meets sound, and a little bit of Flaming Lips quirkiness (crazy combination, right?), Williams, backed by a band of six known as the “The Juniors,” creates emotion filled, catchy pop ballads filled with stories of love and despair, success and failure.


    “A song is only good if it’s about something that interests me,’ he says. ‘If you want a song to outlive you then it has to be something that people can relate to, otherwise it’ll only ever be a party anthem that you’ll listen to for a couple of months in the summer. After that, it’s just a song of nostalgia. I want more that that for my music.”

    Metro Magazine

    2007 saw the first appearance of Williams under the title of Eugene Francis Jnr. It also saw the first traces of his immense potential. He toured with Tegan and Sara and released his first single, “Poor Me”.

    Check Out:
    “Poor Me”

    Eugene Francis Jnr 2008 Tour Dates:
    09/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ Tangier (solo show)
    09/30 – London, UK @ BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends

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