Listen: Now Integrity Lies at Hand (NILAH)

The hardcore scene is full of those striving to get noticed: high school garage bands with hopes of being the next Guitar Hero icons. Here in North Carolina, we have multiple acts trying their hearts out, and while most will probably not stick around in the long run, I have found one with substantial staying power.

NILAH (Now Integrity Lies At Hand) burst onto the local venues in 2001, and after a few line-up changes, managed to develop a small following near Fayetteville, NC. Amanda Taylor, the band’s representative, calls the group, “one of North Carolina’s most promising young metal bands on the scene today.”

With comparisons drawn to the likes of As I Lay Dying and In Flames, two EPs already available (The Farside Of Forever and The Battle For Infinity), and two charity events under their belts, they have proven their worth to both fans and casual bar-hoppers alike.  As with any band breaking onto the indie metal scene, all of the current members hold day jobs: Joshua Nation (lead vocalist) works as a sound station engineer at BB Productions, Kyle Andrews (bassist) specializes in body art, Danny Anthony (drummer) is at CNC Operations, Andy Fetzer (lead guitarist) is a chef at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, and Jonathan James (rhythm) spends his 9-5 as an electrician.

Each member is between the age of 18 & 25, making them young and energetic, and their energy is well-placed, as they are currently prepping for a new promo photo shoot, studio time on their next EP, and a possible music video. In terms of their music, all of it can be found here, where you can listen to tracks like “Apex the Burning”, “Now Integrity Lies At Hand”, and “End Of The Horizon”.

While all of these songs are appearing as demos and rough cuts, the work is profoundly professional considering the little backing these guys have had thus far. Currently, I am pushing to see that NILAH get recognized and possibly gain a spot at next year’s Mayhem Festival. So with that in mind, let’s show them some support!

Check Out:

“Chasing the Failure” (Live @ Jester’s Pub)


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