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To all the fans of manufactured pop music, heed this call of duty. Hoist in the air a proper musician of friendly lovestruck themes, radio-ready vocals, and a clean studio guitar presence who isn’t afraid of the DIY approach to promotion – and all the ladies love a guy who’s good with his hands, right?

Wil Deynes is warm and fuzzy in ways only our teenage female population would understand. He has the dose of machismo that makes him marketable, and the sensitivity factor nailed down. Normally I find such a concept disconcerting at best since I’m not a fan of no-talent label fodder, but seeing as how he has talent I cannot dismiss him.

By day a self-made Mac technician, by night a swooning track musician with pop the likes of even the deynes Listen: Wil Deynesridiculous James Blunt can’t amount to. The big question is why he’s still simply a MySpace star with a few prize magazine reviews (among these, Blender). He deserves to be an American Idol minus the ever-popular and often duplicated manic Brit judge, or the wreck of a record label with pre-written songs. Wil currently has an EP circulating the net, and a decent playlist standing upon his aforementioned blog.

Sadly, his only current concert obligation sits in Newark, New Jersey. I can never stand seeing someone so skilled and charming lingering in the most famous landfill garden state in the U.S. with nothing to show for it.

My suggestion is give our new heart-throb a shot. Add him, comment on him, stick a pretty song on your site for him. With the captivating melancholy of “Say Goodbye” and the sentimental juggernaut “Super Wonderful” stuck in my skull, it’s safe to say he’s as catchy as a 90s Coke jingle…with half the calories and all the guilt.

Wil Deynes might not be the only fish swimming in the interweb ocean, but he’s certainly not been sucked into L.A. just yet, so give our babyfaced Bronx battle axe a nice warm welcome – book him.

Check Out:
“Super Wonderful”