YouTube Live: Burning Airlines [in Houston]

Now, I’m not going to water down the integrity of Burning Airlines’ music with the typical, superfluous adjectives that are far too often used and abused when trying to describe and/or sell a band/artist. This technique of self-righteous marketing, through wordy depiction, serves as nothing more than subtle shock value (to draw interest) like a neon sign trying to sell a linoleum stage spread, inside its slipping walls.

Music should be experienced, without bias or a preset guise.

Just because I have a pen and an outlet, doesn’t mean my opinion is worth translating over to your own; having it be deemed credible, as so. I’m just a guy who likes music and who enjoys exposing its endless planes to other people, so they can hate it or love it, too – nothing more, nothing less.

So, with that said, here are two live videos from the wreckage that formed when the post-punk legends, Jawbox, were relinquished. I give you Burning Airlines.

Part 1:

*Outside the Aviary [from Identikit]

*Carnival [from Mission: Control!]

*Pacific 321 [from Mission: Control!]

Part 2:

*The Escape Engine [from Mission: Control!]

*Dear Hilary [from Identikit]

*Flood of Foreign Capital [from Mission: Control!]


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