Album Review: Róisín Murphy – Movie Star [EP]

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I am positively giddy to have finally discovered Róisín Murphy. Now you can too, in the form of her US debut EP, Movie Star. This puts us only six years, six singles, three EPs, and two full-length albums behind the curve, but better late than never.

Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter who started fooling around with mixers in her teens after moving to Sheffield and meeting Mark Brydon, a producer, DJ, and the man who would become her then-boyfriend. The two collaborated and formed Moloko–named after the milk-amphetamines cocktail Alex’s droogs lap up in Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. They were signed to a six-album record deal.

Murphy says in her online bio:

It freaked me out when we were asked to sign a six album deal but Mark being ever the pragmatist pointed out that, in the extremely unlikely event that we actually did get to make six albums, something would have had to go very right.

Apparently much has gone right, and Murphy, who branched out under her own name since splitting with Brydon, has taken her songs around the world.

A buck and ninety-nine cents on iTunes will introduce you to four mixes of title-track “Movie Star.” Each one is glossier than the next, and each gives a slightly different take on Murphy’s disco/glam sensibilities. Her voice goes down like grenadine and I mean that as a compliment.

Murphy is a showwoman, for sure, but there’s something tongue-in-cheek to her act, too — can one be a disco queen and not a prima donna? Check out below and decide for yourself.

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