Tricks or Treats: “House of Horrors”

Get your fucking Faygo out, bitches.

But seriously, this installment of Tricks or Treats is a bodyslam from the past with “House of Horrors” by everyone’s favorite clown rap-metal fusion artists/professional wrestlers, ICP (Insane Clown Posse). A brief period of time back in the late 90s, Insane Clown Posse ruled the white rap game out of Detroit and with 1997’s The Great Milenko, everyone knew what a Neden was and people everywhere called themselves a Juggalo.

This was a scary time.

“House of Horrors” is considered one of the group’s stronger songs and follows people as they are trapped in the titular haunted house. The song itself features a lot of spoken word parts and in general is kind of creepy, with some strong guitar work in various parts of the song.

There is no Nell Carter in this haunted house, but there are clowns and anyone who is anyone knows that clowns are scary as shit.


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