Tricks or Treats: “(Everyday Is) Halloween”

One of the original industrial acts, Ministry started out as a darker synthpop band on the same level as The Cure or The Smiths, only they were American. Eventually, its darker influences and mindset transformed the band into industrial music heavyweights. You don’t really imagine this band playing “Pictures of You”, now do you?

Scaling back twenty-three years ago, “(Everyday is) Halloween” can be found on the Twelve Inch Singles with all the band’s other early synthpop tracks. This specific song deals with the people who dress and look unique on an everyday basis and don’t need people staring at them (like maybe a Goth or its modern day rip off, the emo kid).

The song’s corresponding video here is a YouTube original from someone with too much time on his hands. Nevertheless, the creator clearly has some decent taste in music and horror movies. Watch it, listen to it, put white face paint on to it!

This is the month to do it!


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