Tricks or Treats: “I’m Your Boogie Man”

No Halloween anything would be complete without Rob Zombie.

“I’m Your Boogie Man” was released on the soundtrack to the forgettable The Crow: City of Angels, but was something a little different from White Zombie as it was a cover of a K.C. and the Sunshine Band song. The song was a combination of disco and metal and earned the group a third Grammy nomination. Not bad for a soundtrack song.

Even though its so far removed from the original, this is easily one of the more successful and popular covers ever. The song retains the rhythm of the original, but with Zombie’s expertise in everything horrifying, the boogie man seems a little more frightening then what K.C. might have envisioned.

The video is a classic and features a black and white “Svengoolie-esque” show intercut with color footage of the band singing, clips from the movie and more black and white footage reminiscent of German expressionist films and older American horror films.


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