Tricks or Treats: “Mr. Krinkle”

The frighteningly strange and versatile group Primus has always been hard to classify. Ranging from funk rock to heavy metal, only one thing’s for certain: Primus has never been scared to show its dark side. In 1993, the group put out its most brutal album to date, Pork Soda, covering topics such as murder, suicide and contempt for the entire human race. One of the album’s many singles, “Mr. Krinkle”, is without a doubt the most bizarre and chilling track on the album, with the accompanying video only making it more so.

Neither the song nor the video for “Mr. Krinkle” are about Halloween, but between Les Claypool’s decrepit pig mask and the deep, violent sounds coming from his upright bass, it is definitely one fright fest you don’t want to miss!

This outlandish music video features Claypool upfront in a costume that’s reminiscent of the many bizarre and strange things Jack Nicholson catches sight of in The Shining. As Claypool hauntingly stares at the camera, moving only to play his bass, which lends deep and roughly drawn out notes through its large, wooden encasing, a parade of circus freaks and extremists (including a man on fire, a trapeze artist and a Chinese Dragon) prance around behind him. It doesn’t help that the video looks like it was shot in an abandoned warehouse either!

So once you raid the liquor cabinet, make sure to bolt the door, fasten your seat belt and get ready for a roller coaster ride through hell!


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