Tricks or Treats: “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)”

Everyone can breathe easy now that David Bowie makes an appearance on Tricks or Treats. Clearly one of the more playful and theatrical acts of all time, Bowie was never afraid of scaring people with his music and is known to some purely on his costumes and clothing.

“Scary Monsters(and Super Creeps)”, off the album of the same name, is not one of Bowie’s bigger hits, but was a single and featured some amazing synthesizer work, and even some guitar parts by King Crimson’s Robert Fripp. The lyrics deal with a woman and her mental breakdown, which is scary of course. Bowie also distorts some of his singing, which may seem like blasphemy, but in actuality is a success and adds to the “scary” aspect of the song.

This was one of the memorable songs of it’s time, so go back to Halloween 1980, put on your Aladdin Sane costume, and dance the night away.

Note: The video is a more recent performance of the song and the hard rock edge added to it makes everything fresh and new like the first day it was heard.


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