Tricks or Treats: “Science Fiction/Double Feature”

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    When I think Halloween, I think The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times. When I was thirteen and fourteen (and fifteen and sixteen and seventeen), you only had to be eighteen to get in, and being that this was before September 11th, at thirteen I was eighteen (or at least felt that way). And by this time, RHPS was already a 25 year tradition.

    Rocky is the furthest thing from a horror movie, ever, unless you’re afraid of men in corsets and heavy makeup, singing and dancing. It also has great music, with or without the visuals. For our Tricks or Treats feature, I’d like to start at the beginning, and introduce an intro: the intro to RHPS, “Science Fiction/Double Feature.”

    It’s really a very sweet, soft song, but it has that peculiar twist: Richard O’Brien’s unmistakable, high and nasally voice. He really does sound the part of the creepy little valet he plays in the show, a frail and hollow-eyed man singing a bizarre serenade.


    Science Fiction – Double Feature
    Dr. X will build a creature
    See androids fighting Brad and Janet
    Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
    At the late night, double feature, picture show.
    I wanna go, to the late night double feature picture show.

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