Tricks or Treats: “The Order of Death”

Oh, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) you are so awesomely frightening. Here is how scary John Lydon is, he gets sick when he’s a kid and loses part of his memory, to which he bears permanent crazy eyes. That is kind of cool already, but add in that he’s the lead singer of the Sex Pistols and created his own multimedia company, Public Image, Ltd. and you have some decent street cred.

Public Image, Ltd. or PiL was the pet project of Lydon from the late 70s till the middle of the 90s and when it began, it pushed the limits of experimental music in the mainstream and in general scared people. The band would go on to change its sound on every album and either alienate or lose their previous fans–again pretty scary move.

The Order of Death was released in 1984 after the fall out with ex-Clash member Keith Levene over the direction of the band. It features gothic, almost religious-styled music and for anyone listening to it, a creepy feeling. The steady drums combined with the repeated lyrics of “This is What You Want…This is What You Get” also add a very weird repetition to the nearly 5 minute song.


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