Jay-Z celebrates Obama too, leaks “We Made History”

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    Though he may have missed out on the initial fun, Jay-Z is celebrating last week’s election of Barack Obama as much as any other any musician who treated the world to a post-election surprise. In fact, so much so that the New York rapper has personally leaked a track off his forthcoming album, The Blueprint 3.

    Now available courtesy of Kanye West’s blog, “We Made History” offers some inspiring lyrics, “Now that all the smoke is gone (lighter)/And the battle finally rise (lighters)/Victory’s finally ours (Yea, Yea, Yea)/History so loved, so long, so long, so long…,” behind heavy synth and the guest vocals of Tony Williams. While the song is clearly not written in homage to the President-elect (ie., the complete opposite of Will.I.Am’s “It’s a New Day”) it certainly fits the moment, and sheds a little light on the overall texture of what will be Jay-Z’s eleventh studio album.

    Check Out:
    “We Made History”

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