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Captains of the Citadel is yet another one of the many new and exciting bands we’ve found this year hailing from Indie-rock music’s new hotspot, London. The dazzling foursome composed of Adam Ross Hunt, Derek Williamson, Timothy Hunt , and Thomas Herbert is very reminiscent of 90’s grunge rock music, collecting many of the spunky elements we came to love and adore when played by bands like Collective Soul, Pearl Jam and Incubus.

Being a new band and all, Captains of the Citadel has an extremely limited discography; including the group’s four track debut EP How to Dismantle Yourself and a couple other new tracks available on their MySpace . However, with just six songs to their name, Captains of the Citadel has shown remarkable talent through their bouncy rhythms, charming choruses, and captivating vocals.

How to Dismantle Yourself is basically a collection of great drinking songs that make you want to rock out, while you’re at the darkest dive bar in town. The band’s latest track “Lacy Bra Song”, is without a doubt their best work yet, with its sexy keyboards, jazzy bass and wicked guitar riffs. A few other notable tracks are radio friendly “The Party’s Always the Same”, the grungy feel of “Water” and “How to Dismantle Yourself” with its wicked chord progression and peppy vocals.

The music is nothing entirely new or original, but Captains of the Citadel are very, very good at what they do. And from the little we’ve heard from them so far, it’s already safe to say that these London-ites are safely on their way to success with catchy rock songs that are sure to please!

For the time being, How to Dismantle Yourself is available as a free download off their website and seriously, who’s going to pass up an opportunity to rock out for free? So, hurry up and start that download! And while looking for your favorite pair of dancing shoes, pop open another beer and prepare yourself for the edgy rock sound of Captains of the Citadel!

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“How to Dismantle Yourself (Live)”


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