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    Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft spent the summer of 2007 in the hottest part of California. The desert has been a muse for many musicians to write some of their best work, and for Brooklyn’s Golden Animals, it has conjured the ghost of the Lizard King himself to inspire their debut record, Free Your Mind. This is in great contrast to the duo’s 2006 Do The Roar! EP, which was more like the Devendra Banhart meets The Beatles take on neo-folk than the bigger, more dynamic sound that they have now. Eisner and Beecroft are the perfect cure for those with the “I wish I was in the ’60’s” blues as it combines all the necessities from their psychedelic forefathers with a few twists from the New York art rock era.

    “The Steady Roller”, off their 2007 debut full length, is a full throttle ’60’s blues rock anthem that you can’t help but twist your arms in the air too. Just listen and imagine an oil lamp projection behind the band playing. Eisner’s vocals are spot on for the part, deep and in charge, with Beecroft providing the harmonies and supporting percussion. Earlier tracks, such as “Big Red Rose” from their 2006 release, sees Eisner lightening up a bit with notes that draw a closer resemblance to McCartney with stripped down electric guitars to match the same pop style construction.

    It is amazing to hear how geography can influence the creative mind in a musician. This time around it has transformed the band’s sound, showing us just how dynamic they can be. With a tour kicking off after the holiday, it will be even more exciting to see what material comes out of it. In the mean time, pick up the records and hear for yourself what is golden about these animals.


    Check Out:

    Golden Animals Tour Dates
    11/28 – Prescott, Arizona @ The Raven Cafe
    11/30 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma @ The Conservatory
    12/01 – Denton, Texas @ Rubber Gloves
    12/02 – Austin, Texas @ Beerland
    12/03 – New Orleans, Louisiana @ Circle Bar
    12/04 – Nashville, Tennessee @ Grimey’s (Instore)
    12/04 – Nashville, Tennessee @ The Exit In
    12/05 – Atlanta, Georgia @ The Star Bar
    12/06 – Atlanta, Georgia @ Criminal Records (Instore)
    12/06 – Athens, Georgia @ Caledonia Lounge
    12/08 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ WOXY – Lounge Acts
    12/08 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Gypsy Hut
    12/10 – Manhattan, New York @ The Cake Shop (All Ages!!)
    12/11 – Brooklyn, New York @ Don Pedro
    12/13 – Detroit, Michigan @ Corktown Tavern
    12/14 – Pleasant Valley, Indiana @ Daytrotter Session
    12/14 – Chicago, Illinois @ The Abbey Pub
    12/15 – Saint Paul, Minnesota @ The Turf Club
    12/16 – Kansas City, Kansas @ The Record Bar
    12/17 – Lawrence, Kansas @ Replay Lounge
    12/18 – Denver, Colorado @ The Larimer Lounge
    12/21 – Seattle, Washington @ The Comet
    12/22 – Portland, Oregon @ East End

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