Watch: Kanye is “Heartless”

Sure we still love the Kanye West in all his autotune glory as much as ever, but between the arrests, leaks, naked women, and everything else that has accompanied the lead up to 808’s and Heartbreak, it’s hard not to be a bit Kanyed-out of late. One can only wonder to imagine how crazy things will get when the Chicago native’s fourth studio album is actually released on November 25th or even worse, when a full leak of the effort hits the web.

But then you get things that actually still catch your attention. Take the brand new video for “Heartless” for example. There’s just something about an animated Kanye West walking around doing the same hand gestures, wearing the same designer clothes as real life Kanye West that makes the whole three-and-a-half minute video for 808’s and Heartbreak‘s second single something off a spectacle. It’s almost like the animation is completely unnecessary – how is this any different from what Kanye does on a day-to-day basis? – but yet it still manages to add an extra batch of emotion to a song already overflowing with it. Was this Kanye’s intention for going the animated route? Your guess is as good as mine, but it sure serve for one worth-while music video.


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