Watch: The Get Up Kids back on stage

With Panic at the Disco dropping the ! and Fall Out Boy covering Kanye, emo lovers have had much to celebrate over recently. But leave it to perhaps the genre’s most influential outfit, The Get Up Kids, to seemingly change this reality and turn those frowns upside down (though maybe it’s the opposite since we are talking about emo kids) with one semi-surprise performance this past Sunday.

After nearly three years, the Kansas City quintet returned home and made their long-anticipated reunion with a 17-song set at the Record Bar. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the classic Something to Write Home About, The Get Up Kids thrilled diehards – some of which were said to have arrived more than 10 hours before the band took the stage – with an effortless performance of the sophomore album in its entirety before offering up a few other old favorites from the discography.

Business and money may be at the root of this reunion, but Sunday’s event proved a basic economic rule: Before commerce, there must be demand. Or: You can’t sell something that customers aren’t longing for.

Back to Rockville

Fortunately for those who didn’t make up the crowd of 200 present at the Record Bar on Sunday, don’t fret. Thanks to latest example of the glory of YouTube, several videos from the performance are now available for all to enjoy.


“Out of Reach”

“Ten Minutes”

Amped? Good, because as indicated by band t-shirts and venue mesages, The Get Up Kids are planning more, in the form of an extensive North American tour. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before “Action & Action” is blaring from your local music venue.


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