Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

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If you’re reading this, congratulations are in order, as that means you survived Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Undoubtedly your table was filled with conversation about the election, the recession, and whether the new Killers album will dethrone Beyonce from her number one spot. Gripping, I’m sure.

This week’s musical lineup for after-hours talk shows is filled with plenty of reruns. But never fear: Always here to deliver the goods is your sex bomb extraordinaire Tom Jones…TWICE in one week. Expect a bump in pregnancies nine months from now.

Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

0000005566 20060919234606 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Mon—T.I. *
Wed—Ice Cube
Thurs—Tom Jones

0000004414 20060919222644 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Tues—Steel Train *
The Airborne Toxic Event *
FriAdele *

tonight show leno 440x230 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Mon—Celine Dion
Colbie Caillat
Wed—Tom Jones
Fri—Taylor Swift

0000034701 20061021012115 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Mon—Charlie Haden *
Tues—Sia *
Wed—Elvis Costello with Jenny Lewis *
Thurs—Tim Montana *

0000004411 20060919222627 Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Mon—Young Jeezy and Nas *
WedPanic at the Disco *
ThursThe Sounds *
Yelle *

fergpic Late Night Lobotomy (Week of 12/1)

Tues—Lady Antebellum *
Thurs—X *
FriLittle Jackie *

* = Repeat Episode

Stay tuned, folks!