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    For years now, Astronautalis and his fellow Floridian rapper and hetero life-mate, Bleubird have been mentioning a forthcoming collaboration called Boyfriends Incorporated. This work would be no simple rap album, but rather a multimedia experience: an exercise video, coloring books, cover songs, and eventually an album of nothing but ringtones aptly titled Gay Without Fucking. The time is now and Boyfriends Inc. is a reality.

    The first fully realized Boyfriends Inc. project is a spin-off of the Chicago-based rap group Hotstylz‘s YouTube phenomena “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” and their radio-friendly version, “Lookin’ Boy”. Essentially the “Lookin'” songs are a series of pop culture references and descriptions of these “lookin boys” and/or “ass niggas” inviting you to “point ’em out” and “get ’em.” The YouTube videos consist of slide shows relating to these descriptions.  Amature rappers and even big shots like R. Kelly and Bow Wow have joined in on the fun making their own “Lookin'” raps, remixes, and parodies. There’s a new “Lookin'” song in town and it’s a cut above the rest. As the newly christened Lil’ Flat Taxx (Astronauatis) and Helicopter Fred (Bleubird), Boyfriends Inc. have imbued a lame internet fad with the unprecedented power of a much more awesome one: Lolcats (video below).
    The duo has been together for the majority of their careers and have formed a union the term “BFF” can only begin to describe. As proof of their profound homosocial bond they were “married” during the Texas leg of their most recent tour. Their MySpace page will be the hub for all future activities and, in addition to “Lookin’ Kittie”, features three mysterious tracks of answering machine messages with beats dubbed over. The future success of “Lookin’ Kittie” comes with a guarantee, what Boyfriends Inc. regard as the ultimate reward: “When Bleubird and I are YouTube rich,” says Lil’ Flat Taxx, “we will buy you all new dicks! That is a promise.”

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    “Lookin’ Kittie”

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