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There are few instances when a trance or electronic artist specializing in remixes will get any recognition from me. Generally, I stick with mash-ups (Girl Talk, Dean Gray) and industrial (Nine Inch Nails, Pigface) – until I found this interesting nugget. Doctor Rosen Rosen comes off as Moby with a twist of Peeping Tom, and considering one’s fandom for anything Mike Patton, that is a sincere compliment.

Referred to by Mixtape Maestro as “a new dark prince of alt-pop to start rooting for,” this Doctor has been lingering in the background doing remixes for Britney Spears, Department Of Eagles, and even our 2008 poster boy Kanye West. As it stands now, his remixes for “Womanizer”, “1997”, and “Love Lockdown” respectively have gotten the attention of multiple publications – guess it is our turn to listen.

According to the Doctor’s MySpace, numerous influences are to thank for his creations including Prince, Ani DiFranco, and (wait for it) Dust Brothers. It seems this man has gone to the right school for atmospheric and abstract alternative, not to mention techno and synth-pop. Let us remember however that he is also an original penman, with tracks such as my personal favorite brooding melody “Champion” and the challenging “Eat, Pray, Fuck” that makes you think Justin Timberlake lost his marbles. Both of these songs and two of his remixes can be found on MySpace.

I cannot say Doctor Rosen Rosen is the hottest artist on the market, but I swear that pairing him off with the right kid in class could turn this dark side of alt-pop phenom into the Mad Hatter of DIY. Let us hope for our sanity’s sake he isn’t teamed with Reznor – that could end fanboy humanity.

Check Out:
“1997” (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix) by Department of Eagles
“Criminal” (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix) by The Roots


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