mp3 Remix: Friday Mixtape XXXVII (Holiday Edition Pt. 2)

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Congratulations! You made it though Christmas in one piece, though if you’re like me, you’re probably still feeling the effects of last night’s dinner.

But for as awesome as Christmas, let alone the holiday season as a whole, can be, it’s also a bit depressing, especially in terms of the whole anti-climatic turn for the worse, or in other words, the day after Santa comes. I mean, as of now, the holiday tunes are all but kaput and any person who still has lights up on their house is looked at strangely.

So in the spirit of the season and in attempt to keep the festivities going for at least for one more day, we’d like present you with one last gift: our Friday Mixtape. Much like last week’s, this week’s edition is heavy in the holiday theme, as you’ll not only find a mix of the week’s best new mp3s, remixes, and covers, but also a few more jolly jingles. Also, for those who missed it, the official CoS Holiday Mix 2008 is still available for download right here.

A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa from all of us at Consequence of Sound to you and your loved ones.


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