Ridiculously Awesome Music Videos: Björk’s “Wanderlust”

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    With a world overloaded with computer images, something is to be said about those that stick to the old school methods of creating the fantastic. When you combine the two, the images that can be created are endless. Enter Björk. The Icelandic export has been blowing minds since 1992, and with the help of the music video, she has had us scratching our heads and watching in wonder. In past projects Björk has brought us everything from robots in love to post-apocalyptic future-scapes, each one an exaggerated cartoonish version of reality. So it should come as little surprised that soon after singer released “Wanderlust” as the forth single from her latest record Volta, a video of the song followed.

    To make this extravagant, Where the Wild Things Are inspired tale come to life, Björk enlisted the help from an army of animators, actors, and make up artists that would build, and act as the creatures you see. Both miniature and life sized props were used to bring it all to life, and what results is something that could only be seen with Björk. Conveniently enough, the creators have provided a short montage documenting the making of the video. You just can’t help but feel for those water buffalo…


    The Making of “Wanderlust”

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