Ridiculously Awesome Music Videos: Röyksopp’s “Remind Me”

This Ridiculously Awesome Music Video is presented by GEICO! It’s so easy, a caveman can do it. Annoying advertising campaigns aside, the music video for “Remind Me” by Norwegian band Röyksopp is one of the most hypnotic flowing videos released in this decade.

Released in 2002, after the release of their debut album Melody A.M., the song was eventually picked up and used in the background of a GEICO commercial in 2006. Since then, “Remind Me” has been listened to, loved, and forgotten by millions all around the world.

As for the video, it won the 2002 MTV Europe Music Award for “Best Music Video.” The video itself features the single remix version of the song, so remember that when you need to download the song immediately.

With amazing design work by French company H5, the entire video is a day in the life of a British woman, accomplished by using something known as ‘infographics.’ This style is basically a mash up of graphs, close ups, text facts, arrows, and other things you might find when trying to figure our how something works. Basically, you will learn something or at least feel like it after watching this video.

With this style, an opportunity for jokes and commentary on our world are bountiful and the videomakers touch on things such as Milk Shake Production, Alcohol Consumption, Toothpaste Application and the lovely world of Public Transportation.

If you haven’t already started watching the video, do so now and feel smarter after watching it.


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